• First make sure you have installed node.js 8.X and npm 6.X version. You can check it on own terminal window simply by entering node -v and npm -v . You can also download latest nodeJs from here.

$ npm -v
$ node -v
  • Make sure you have installed ionic-cli latest release and Cordova. You can check ionic version in terminal with ionic -v command. If you need more info how to setup ionic project please follow Ionic Getting Started at Ionic official websites.

  • Ionic 3 target IOS, Android, Window all these three platform so you need to install there respective SDK to make a build. Even if you didn’t have SDK configure still you can run this app in own browser.

  • Download VS Code Download here

  • How to install VS Code Click here

  • Download Visual Studio 2015 or above for Back End configurations Download here

  • How to install Visual Studio Click here

  • Download SQL Server Download here

  • How to install SQL Server Click here